New Love Story Movie 2020 | My Girlfriend is Alien, Eng Sub | Chinese Romance Drama film 1080P

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Synopsis: 2020 New Romance Movie "My Girlfriend is Alien" is about a science fiction love story. Xia Han is the daughter of The Lord who created the world and human being. The Lord tells her that there is no true love in the human world. But Xia Han wants to find true love and comes to the human world where she finds out people cares only for beauty. then she turns herself into another girl Xia Lin by her magic totem. Then everything changes. Just when she is falling into love, but the man just wants to play with her. At last she is so sad and disappointed. Unexpectedly her true love appears...

Studio: Funny Film
Producer: Guo Kai
Director: San Bu
Writer: San Bu
Starring: Felix Lok, Li Ruoxi, Lv Tianyuan, Gabriel Wong
Genres: #ScienceFiction, #Romance, #LoveStory

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